I am an entrepreneur who grew up in Louisiana and now live in Mississippi with my husband. We share a commitment to building our home here and investing in our community. I am searching for a company to buy, run, and grow into the future here in Mississippi.

I have spent the last 3+ years advising companies across the U.S. and internationally on how to grow their margins by making operational and marketing/sales improvements. As a consultant with McKinsey & Company, I helped manufacturers, power plants, and telecom providers to realize multi-million dollar improvements in their bottom line. I'm excited to bring the business knowledge and skills I've developed home to Mississippi.

Previously, I served as Economic Development Policy Advisor to Governor Jindal in post-Katrina Louisiana. Seeing the Gulf South economy grow and thrive has been my aspiration ever since.


I earned my bachelor's degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and my JD from Harvard Law School.

My husband Shad White and I met at Harvard Law School and now live in Flowood, MS with our baby daughter. Shad currently serves as the State Auditor of Mississippi. We are parishioners at St. Richard Church in Jackson and are both members of the Mississippi Bar Association.